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Hive Domination Victory

Ma'Al vs Hive Server Completed

Being on opposite sides of the galaxy, the two very different races, one being highly technologically advanced, the other being organic spacefaring creatures -- were given the chance to develop and advance through AI-controlled Sol and Genari territories before making first contact somewhere in the middle of the galaxy map.

Initially, the Ma'Alaketh had the advantage, taking out the vulnerable and unshielded Hive organisms from afar with their powerful particle beams. But over time, the Hive hordes kept consuming everything in their path, eventually outnumbering the Ma'Alaketh.

Congratulations to Praxus, P Boi 1, Weecat, raebrej, XXX, T, ghaun, C06AKn KpOBN as the top power players of Hive. They all get the bug squisher legacy award and 1000-3000 credits.

Also special mention to Crossfire, who managed to hold up against the Hive hordes, and even invoked Last Stand, briefly commandeering the Sa'Aval class XII mobile beam platform.


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