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New Server: Deimos I

After several 1v1 competitions on previous servers, we return to a full four-race competition server. Play as Sol Imperial Worlds, Genari United Empire, Ma'Alaketh Confederation or Perseus Hive. The Pirate faction is currently being worked on, and will be available for play in future servers.

All four races have new Captain specific skills implemented:


Specialization: Helm Control allows for an extra movement point for all of the players' ships

Specialization: Engineering allows for an extra repair point for all of the players' ships

Tactical Advantage III-V: Adds 2 more initiative points for each level


Internal Repair Drone: allows for an extra repair point for all of the players' ships

Drone Control IV-V: allows for an additional support ship for each level, up to five.


Improved Weapons: skill can add extra damage boost to player weapons.

Support Specialization: gives player a full support role by foregoing most combat roles. Player can have up to 5 support ships, and it unlocks the new Genshai II Command Tender.


Specialized carapace skill: now available, where they can add protective layers in three levels, with the highest level adding 30% more life points.

Lifeforce Drain: which allows improved healing when using proboscis.

Vitality: skills now add improved healing, increased momentum, and enhanced synapses.

All races also get a captain skill that allows their allies to warp into the same part of the sector they are present in.


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