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New Dreadnoughts: Class XII Ships

Each race now has a Class XII ship, which is incredibly powerful (approximately twice the strength of a class X ship). Though very hard to attain, it provides more endgame 'boss' content in some longer run server activity. They are listed for each race below:

Perseus Hive: Hive Queen

The Hive Queen coming out of hibernation

When the bulk of Matriarch Talagh-Zeranghi's forces assaulted the Hive homeworld 'Dark Core', their armada, consisting of a Nova, several heavy cruisers and other capital ships managed to overcome the defending organisms and destroy the Hive nest that existed there. The Matriarch declared this as the beginning of the end for the Perseus Hive and the Dark Core's defeat as the ultimate conquest for the Empire. She was premature in her announcement however: Things turned sour when this station-sized organism appeared from the dark side of the barren planet about an hour later. Undetected, it was within the planet's dead core itself; how it got out is uncertain. As it approached, it sent waves of energy against the Nova flagship, which was already significantly damaged. Before the flagship could escape during its dark matter transition phase, it got destroyed. It then systematically attacked each other heavy cruiser, forcing them to retreat one by one. All other remaining Hive organisms rallied around this superentity, and forced the rest of the Genari fleet to retreat. It has never been encountered again, but ever since its appearance, it has broken the Genari dream of overtaking Hive space. They've respectfully termed it the Hive 'Queen', definitely befitting its title. Unlike the Hive Nests which birth new Hive organisms, this Queen is mobile and acts like a Hive Entity. If it truly can travel between star systems, there may be nothing Sol or Genari could do to stop it.

Genari United Empire: Starkiller Command Dreadnought

The Starkiller waiting for prey

Empress Talagh-Zeranghi found her Matriarchy in trouble: Advancements into Hive regions initially gained her clan a significant amount of riches from the resource-heavy regions in the Perseus cluster. However the Hive had begun to resist and overcome her fleet's attacks. Eventually, the tide had turned and these massive Hive Entities were growing evermore aggressive on taking back these Genari-controlled regions. Being on the forefront of the Hive incursion, her homeworlds of Bacheh and Barghi were seeing early attacks from these organics. The rest of the Matriarchs were too focused on the Sol Imperium and the Ma'Alaketh; so she was on her own to defend against what seemed to be an impossible foe. Her Star Fortress was dangerously close to the Hive border, and she considered the possibility of an evacuation if the Hive did push deeper into her territory. She commissioned a new dreadnought that could become a mobile command base, but also have the firepower and defensive strength to resist even the largest of these destructive Hive Entities. Thus the Starkiller was born; a massive station-sized dreadnought with enough firepower to rival even the Shahavi homeworld command base. Although it is a rather slow ship, it is heavily armored and built to accelerate the array of omnidirectional missile weapons, with a very low energy demand to fully arm its arsenal. It could decimate any Hive ship that would come within 6000km , no matter what its size. The rest of the Empire sees the Starkiller as the best chance of stopping the Hive from gaining any more foothold into Genari territory.

Sol Imperial Worlds: Titan Assault Dreadnought

The Titan protecting Earth

The Sol Colossus was an incredible achievement for the Imperium: It gave the edge in the war of attrition against the Genari Star Empire. The Genari matriarchy was falling behind on advancements to engines and weapons, putting them in a disadvantage when it came to battleships and dreadnoughts. But it was the awakening of the Perseus Hive and its decimation of Genari bases that had Sol command concerned with a possible greater threat. Although most of the Hive focus was in Genari territory, they were also starting to encroach dangerously close on Capella. Upon studying some of their larger and more dangerous 'Entities', it was realized that swarms of these could easily overcome the Colossus itself. A new, more robust platform was developed, especially after McKellan Engineerings' breakthrough of mating six engines made a three-million ton warship possible. It came to be known as the Titan, a one-of a kind dreadnought mounting an array of twelve of the most powerful beams in three different arcs that could decimate a single Hive entity with one volley. With enough power and detection range as a defense station, it can target enemies from an extended range and land hits before they ever have a chance of getting close. Its sheer size also allowed for two advanced repair bays which can help the dreadnought repair more quickly, or do the same to other ships nearby.

Ma'Alaketh Confederation: Sa'Avaal Mobile Beam Platform

Approaching the Ma'Alaketh Dyson Sphere

The Sovereign battleships proved to be extremely powerful in warding off Sol and Genari attacks; the enemy could not out-power the Ma'Alaketh technology or succeed in taking any of the Ma'Alaketh regions within the Perimeter without incurring heavy casualties. But when it was time for the Ma'Alaketh Confederation to pacify the Genari and Sol homeworlds, it was proven to be quite difficult with the sheer number of station defenses surrounding these planets. The Confederation did not want any demoralizing casualties or losses of their capital ships -- it simply was not an option. So developing a mobile unit that could act as long range artillery, softening or destroying defensive stations without taking any harm was the logical next step. Using technology from the Dyson Sphere itself, a mobile beam platform was built around four smaller variants of the Dyson beam, packing enough of a punch that could destroy even the largest enemy base with reasonable reliability, and completely out of enemy station weapons range. It also has the most advanced dampening field ever built -- a large circular unit that takes up a significant portion of the superstructure, but acts as a partially effective field because of its sheer mass. The massive IHD-9 powerplants were doubled to deliver twice as much power as the Grand Sovereign, making this mobile platform surprisingly agile and maneuverable. However, to fully charge its four particle beams, it will need to remain near-stationary to provide the power needs of these massive weapons.

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