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Antares Server: Ma'Alaketh Victory

The final battle around Earth, with the Beam Platform flagship.

A new server is now available with all four races open to play. All the multi-faction battle issues that created bugs are now fixed, so there will be no 'bugged sectors' after a 3 or 4 way combat.

Also, congratulations the the Ma'Alaketh Confederation faction, which ended up winning the server. Initially, Sol Imperial Worlds had the lead, but the tide turned mid-server.Top ranked Ma'Alaketh players Domitor, Bosh'tet, Ein_Neko, Haven and Marka dominated the server, and eventually Domitor unlocked the very first Class XII ship in action, using it to help destroy Enemy homeworlds.Honorable mentions in Sol: Jerbear, Bravus, and Beo who tried to counter the Ma'Alaketh advance. As well as Genari players Baalrog and Hook that were the last warriors standing in the broken Genari Empire.

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