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New Class XI Mobile Battlestations

The Sol Krakatoa (Class XI Portable Defense Platform)

It became clear that the Fuji and Etna defense platforms were somewhat vulnerable to longer range weaponry or direct assault; so many have been placed on defensive positions along the border when Sol secured some Genari territory in late 2190. But when the Empire started taking back territory, there wasn't enough time to replace and rebuild these stations without risking attack mid-construction. Admiral Grace Huang had a novel idea; to make a structure similar to the Etna with a capable dark matter drive that allowed it to be transported into the contested sector. The first variants were too weak however, and were destroyed easily. So a larger version was developed that mated a dark matter drive with a station power plant. It is now known as the Krakatoa, a well-armored station that has some slight capacity to move on its own. It mounts a dozen long range beams that have omnidirectional defensive capablities, and four light repair bays to either repair itself or its surrounding allies. Genari combat vessels found it to be very hard to destroy, and were initially surprised when the station actually moved out of range. Its weakness however, is that the sheer mass to move this mobile station leaves little power for its offensive weapon systems. Though they are relatively inexpensive to build compared to an Etna, they take a considerable time to produce unlike a warship.

The Genari Intimidator (Class XI Assault Platform)

Empress Devagh-Moshtigh will not admit that once she saw the mobile Krakatoa stations in action, she devised her own design for a mobile weapons platform. Even though the Intimidator was first seen in action in 2214, her Nova commander representative insists that it was an original design in process for two decades, now finally refined into a very intimidating 'warship'. Taking the Ghodrat weapons platform, it is a very heavily armored structure that can maneuver slowly and make its weapons bear in any direction. Using the technology from the Starkiller Assault Dreadnought, the quad FW-9 warhead systems have been improved to deliver the increased damage potential, leaving enough power for maneuvering. There was enough space left to mount a station-sized scanning system, so it can help detect enemies from a much greater range than most Genari warships. It also mounts Moshtigh's experimental marine pod system, that delivers 100 marines in a swarm of 10 pods. Theory had it that this mobile station could approach a vulnerable Sol or Ma'Alaketh station and potentially cripple the station with the singular marine assault wave. It has yet to be tested on a station however.

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