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New Server: Genari vs. Hive

In our final 1v1 PvP server before we return to 4-race combat, we get the warrior race of Genari and their close-combat firepower against organisms that can swarm their opponents and work in large numbers to overcome their weaknesses. Which race will win?

New Captain Rank & Level

With all upcoming servers, all players automatically get a captain skill point to start.

Also, all races now have a new captain level at 800,000 xp, which allows for an additional captain skill point.

Perseus Hive Gets some New Skills

Specialized carapace skill available, where they can add protective layers in three levels, with the highest level adding 30% more life points.

Lifeforce Drain which allows improved healing when using proboscis.

Vitality skills now add improved healing, increased momentum, and enhanced synapses.

Telepath ability allows for allies to enter close to player organism in combat.


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