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Fierce Competition in the Tarantula Server

A Sol Swordfish Destroyer defending against a swarm of neoliths

This server is the very first PvP server that incorporates all four races; and the competition has been fierce. Nearly a month into the competition, we are seeing strength in all four sides, with cruiser-class ships slowly coming on line. Current Fleet Strength of each race (based on overall ship numbers/strength, regions captured, player rank): Hive: 238 Genari: 189 Sol: 177 Ma'Alaketh: 116 The best power players of each race: Sol: Jerbear, Beo (Rank 9, Rank 16) Genari: Spike, Holydiver (Rank 1, Rank 7) Hive: MagicSpaceCow, Cimex (Rank 2, Rank 4) Ma'Alaketh: Tri, Fikus (Rank 3, Rank 5)

Game Updates

-The Hive Player-based swarm has been fixed, so that players cannot exceed the faction limits, but can still have unlimited 'swarm' AI ships. -The White Light II now has 2 more PDC's -The Nova Battleship now has 42 more hull -The Yamato Battleship now has its two PB-6B beams upgraded to Nagara-type.

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