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The Hive Continues its Advance

A Behemoth in the Hive Nest

Most players are enjoying the radically different Hive race that debut on this server; The Hive is especially strong when players work together and 'swarm' a sector. They now control 25% of the map, and they did have the smallest starting territory. There's already a Behemoth in action... Since this is Hive PvE, the Hive has some starting buffs that would not normally be on future servers.

The 'Move Bug' Eliminated

An annoying bug that plagued many players (especially those who had lagging internet connections) was the 'Move Bug'. It happens when a player would desynch (client) from the server, at the same time they were giving move commands coinciding with the transit phase. It would make their ship freeze in place, and the only thing they could do was to warp out. Fixed now.

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