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Hive PvE Server Ends, Tarantula PvP Server Begins

Since the server was Hive-centric and for PvE, there was very little opposition for anyone who tried out the Hive race. Quick expansion and domination led the Hive to victory in a quick 40 days. Alas, there is no legacy reward in PvE (where the Hive had some boosts), so there are no medals given out to players on completion. However, there is the PvP server next...

A Hive Nest  ... a very dangerous place to visit if you are Genari or Sol

So this is our very first PvP server that incorporates all four races on an equal level:

-The good old classic Sol Imperial Worlds, with well-rounded ships and skills, and always the best in initiative, and great for new players trying out the game.

-The battle-hardened Genari United Empire, with their powerful marines, and heavy-armored ships.

-The technologically advanced Ma'Alaketh Confederation, enjoying their extreme long range particle beams and efficient force field tech.

-The organic Perseus Hive, using their swarm to their advantage, overwhelming the opposition, as well as having amazing regenerative properties.

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