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The Perseus Hive is now open for Play!

The Hive Queen - The most powerful 'ship' in the game.

The Hive race debuts today, and players are recommended to join others in trying out the Hive, and taking over the galaxy together in team-based play. Though players still have the option of playing Sol, Genari, or Ma'Alaketh, this server is focused on the introduction of the Hive and a chance for all players to see how this race plays compared to the other three. The Hive is by far the most difficult race to start with, and the most unique; though lacking in shields, their 'ships' have a very high regeneration rate, and can heal their allies. They are also unique in their crew-feeding proboscis, which can disable an enemy ship outright. Although their lower tier ships are relatively weak, they can have up to 4 more AI ships, and 2 chrysalis support units, which can create a fleet of up to 7 ships.

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