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Custom Player Ships

Starting this year, once a month, a player is selected as an MVP, and is given the option to make their own custom, 'unique' ship.

  • -The MVP player will be chosen by activity, community-friendliness, and honorable nature to new players.

  • -The player then selects a ship of any race/variant.

  • -The player can change the ship skill of that ship.

  • -The player chooses a unique color (can use the RGB table to be specific)

  • -That ship will be available only to that player in all future servers (still requires XP to acquire, but no credits to unlock).

Congrats to our first MVP player AmishJoe, who has been playing SWIE since the Orion I server, and has been respected by all players since then.

He has chosen the Genari Predator Frigate, in a deep set green (RGB 0-102-0), with the damage boost ship ability.

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