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Behind the Scenes Updates since Rigel I

-All class IV Sol, Genari and Ma'Alaketh ships (frigates) have been given quicker cooldown times upon destruction, from 27 hours to 21 hours. This allows frigate players back into their ships faster and under 24 hours. -Hive Class V and VI ships now have a type III variant option available, adding more ships to the Hive nest.

-The Ma'Alaketh and Hive shipyards now have unique background/atmospheric sound effects. -Ma'Alaketh System Specialist officer no longer has the initiative skill, it has been replaced with Dark Matter Astrophysics. This means that every Ma'Alaketh officer now has the option of learning DMA. -Officer icons in Hive and Ma'Alaketh ships now updated with new graphics.

-New Ma'Alaketh avatars coming soon.

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