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New Server: Rigel I, Dyson Sphere

Competition begins with the fully playable races of Sol Imperial Worlds, Genari United Empire, and Ma'Alaketh Confederation.

The Ma'Alaketh Homeworld now has a Dyson Sphere. It is heavily shielded and has a massive defense particle beam, but is vulnerable once its shields are down. If an opposing race wants to defeat the Ma'Alaketh, they must destroy the Maal Homeworld Sphere.

The Ma'Alaketh homeworld Dyson Sphere

Essentially a Dyson Sphere built around the dwarf star supporting the Ma'Alaketh homeworld Do'Oran, it is nearly 16,000km in circumference, and has become the center of innovation and technology for the Ma'Ali people. After planet Do'Oran became an unsustainable world because of excessive abuse of its natural resources and atmosphere, the Ma'Ali found other worlds that would become their new homes. However, during that profound technological singularity, a new grand project was initiated. Harnessing the power of their dying star, they built a new world around it, and within two centuries completed this technological marvel. It has seen many improvements and changes since; from its interior becoming not only the center for technology, but for trade, finance, and even agri/aqua culture. It sustains the Ma'Ali race, and is the new seat of the High Advisors' council. As the threat of the Sol & Genari aggression became more of a potential threat, this relatively fragile sphere was implemented with a powerful force field that can absorb 144 terajoules of energy at any time. It also has a singular defensive particle beam that could theoretically destroy a warship with one blast alone. Because of the tremendous power this sphere sustains, in theory if it was destroyed, it would produce a small nova-like wave that would destroy anything within 4000 kilometers around it.

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