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Sol Imperial Worlds Marines

Albeit in a limited fashion, Sol Imperial Worlds marines are now available on the Swordfish Type II Marine Destroyer, as well as the new Oslo V Marine Frigate. The Chief Medical officer has been upgraded with the Elite Marines skill.

Swordfish Marine Destroyer with Oslo behind it

The Oslo has been proven to be a very capable warship, though not considered a front-line frigate like its Gorshkov and Liverpool counterparts. It has had a dynamic role in the war however, recently converted to a tender/warship hybrid, and now modified to carry marine pods. Admiral Michiel Donitz, the mastermind of the Sol Imperial Special Marines push to be more engaged in the war effort saw the Oslo as a good test ship for a marine frigate. Though not as effective against Genari, the new war on the Ma'Alaketh front was where these marines would be needed. Trained to board and kill crew members on Ma'Alaketh corvettes and frigates, they have been proven very effective in disabling Ma'Alaketh ships. Admiral Donitz hopes that the Admiralty will see this as a green light to move forward in retrofitting other Sol warships with marines.

Two veteran volunteers will continue to test the hive, and many of its skills/features as well as its proboscis will be in the works. The server after Rigel will be opening up the Hive to the public.

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