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Hive Taxonomy

Hive Organism Progression Tree

As development continues on the Perseus Hive, all hive ships now have updated 3D models, along with adjustments to their statistics and abilities. Currently only two SpaceWars veteran players are beta testing the Hive, but players can interact with them and Hive AI by attacking or defending the Hive invasions.

Along with the selection of Hive classes, from Class I Spore to the Class X Behemoth, there are subclasses within each group:

  • Agitated - Tend to have more firepower at the cost of reduced armor.

  • Bloated - More regeneration and armor, but slow.

  • Bursting - Only shoots plasma waves, no beams (like a missile ship).

  • Energized - Much faster, but with reduced armor.

  • Focused - Longer range and accuracy beams, but reduced in number.

  • Regenerating - Much higher regeneration rate, but with reduced power.

  • Segmented - Many more weapon hardpoints, but weapons weaker in range/power.

Within each subclass, there are also unique variants for each ship that can be some of these:

  • Ommatidium - Higher weapon accuracy and mind strength.

  • Basicosta - Armored weapons and increased hull strength.

  • Nociceptors - Innate evasion ability.

  • Pronotum - Higher initiative and power output.

  • Spiracles - More efficient movement and power output.

  • Synaptic - Significantly higher mind strength, learn skills twice as fast.

  • Ecdysis - Well protected power source, increased hull strength.

  • Hardened - Significantly higher hull strength.

When hive organisms advance to class VII, they become quite formidable, such as the four kinds of class VII entities shown above.

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