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Weapons: The Hive

Hive Bombardier launching a plasma attack

New Hive Features

As the Hive race is continuing with development, two veteran players were invited to playtest the Perseus Hive before it goes public in two servers. This Hive-Only update added more sound effects as well as weapon animations for their plasma wave and plasma launchers. Also, proper stats info now included when you examine a Hive creature/ship: Life: Equivalent to hull strength, when it goes to zero, the creature is destroyed. Energy: Equivalent to engine power. Mind: When it goes to zero, the creature is 'knocked out' temporarily and loses a round. The stronger the mind the less chance it will get stunned (some skills also improve the resistance to being stunned).

A Genari Guardian III on the receiving end of a Hive plasma attack

In addition a small update to Ma'Alaketh, high-end Captains' rankings: Commodore is now Virtuous Advisor Rear Admiral is now Luminous Advisor Vice Admiral is now Grand Advisor Fleet Admiral is now Prelate

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