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Do'Oran Server, Ma'Alaketh's first Victory

Ma'Alaketh Wins in 40 days!

Ma'Alaketh Battleship in confrontation with a Genari Starfire Heavy Cruiser

Grand Sovereign Dreadnought seen over the skies of Earth

After taking out the Sol Homeworld, a fleet of Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, Battleships and a Dreadnought ended the Homeworld of Saneth, thereby completing the 3-faction victory requirement (Taking out two homeworlds). All top Ma'Al players win 1000 credits to carry over to future servers. Though this was essentially Ma'al PvE, some took the challenge of fighting the alien onslaught as Sol or Genari. Congratulations to Sgt. Slaughter (Genari) and Nikolay (Sol) who also win 1000 credits for being the leaders of their race in opposing this unstoppable run of Ma'Al opponents. Some images of the final battle on Saneth:

-The Grand Sovereign Dreadnought attacking the Sanethi home base from the distance, with a Nova Battleship in the background.

-The Grand Sovereign Dreadnought sheer size compared to the Nova battleship and Starfire Heavy Cruiser

-An Archon Heavy Cruiser attacking a defense station

-A cluster of Ma'Al ships using the moon to hide against the Genari base

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