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Hive Queen: The Boss Battle

Sol and Genari worked together to defend a border region from the Hive Queen, and Ma'Alaketh's top player also came in to help when things got tough. The Hive Entity, Behemoth and Chrysalis were destroyed, but the Queen survived; once the Maalaketh Dreadnought was destroyed, things went south for the alliance.

The Sol Colossus Dreadnought surrounded by repair tenders confronts the Queen.

A Genari Interdictor Destroyer comes in for a close combat run against the Hive Entity.

A Sol Gorshkov Frigate gets sandwiched between the Behemoth and Entity.

Top view of the battle, with the Queen in the middle, Entity destroyed, Behemoth adjacent to the Queen, and Sol ships surrounding the Queen firing at range.

The MaAlaketh Sovereign Dreadnought comes in mid-battle to save the day, but eventually gets cornered and succumbs to the Queen.

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