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The Hive Queen

The strongest 'ship' in the Spacewars universe

The Hive Queen will attack on Saturday June 22nd.

As work is being done behind the scenes for Hive development, we are going to have a special event on Saturday June 22nd, peak playing hours of 1pm EST (5pm GMT). The Hive Queen will approach a region bordering Sol and Genari space, by which the Sol/Genari warring factions can join forces and fight the Queen and the Hive Entities that will follow in with her. Good XP to be had -- but can she be destroyed?

The Hive Queen enters the Sol border, approaching a Greenland monitoring station.

When the bulk of Matriarch Talagh-Zeranghi's forces assaulted the Hive homeworld 'Dark Core', their armada, consisting of a Nova, several heavy cruisers and other capital ships managed to overcome the defending organisms and destroy the Hive nest that existed there. The Matriarch declared this as the beginning of the end for the Perseus Hive and the Dark Core's defeat as the ultimate conquest for the Empire. She was premature in her announcement however: Things turned sour when this station-sized organism appeared from the dark side of the barren planet about an hour later. Undetected, it was within the planet's dead core itself; how it got out is uncertain. As it approached, it sent waves of energy against the Nova flagship, which was already significantly damaged. Before the flagship could escape during its dark matter transition phase, it got destroyed. It then systematically attacked each other heavy cruiser, forcing them to retreat one by one. All other remaining Hive organisms rallied around this superentity, and forced the rest of the Genari fleet to retreat. It has never been encountered again, but ever since its appearance, it has broken the Genari dream of overtaking Hive space. They've respectfully termed it the Hive 'Queen', definitely befitting its title. Unlike the Hive Nests which birth new Hive organisms, this Queen is mobile and acts like a Hive Entity. If it truly can travel between star systems, there may be nothing Sol or Genari could do to stop it.

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