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New Hive Ships

A Hive Neolith engaged with a Sol Frigate

Hive Rank Labels now added Hive 'Captain Ranks' -Level 1 - Protonymph -Level 2 - Nymph -Level 3 - Developing Pupa -Level 4 - Pupa -Level 5 - Mature Pupa -Level 6 - Hive Fledgling -Level 7 - Hive Mind -Level 8 - Greater Hive Mind -Level 9 - Supreme Hive Mind Remaining Hive Class VII through X added (Ship graphics, stats, lore) -Hive Entity -Hive Bombardier -Bloated Hive Entity -Megalith -Greater, Lesser, Supreme Hive Entity -Behemoth, Hive Queen

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