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New Ship: The Overlord Class Marine Destroyer!


Hull: 162 Engine: 38 Weapons: 4 Fission Warheads (Type 3B) Shields: 12 power, 2x Marines: 8 pods Special: Armored Engines

Overlord with 8 marine pods

As Genari scientists in the Hendevanegh Matriarchy pushed for new technology to contend against Sol's more advanced ships, Nova Commander Devagh-Moshtigh believed in a very different way of combating the Imperium. Under his command, so many Sol ships had been disabled, captured or destroyed through marine assaults. Whether it was ships as small as the Honor Bound Corvette, or as great as his Firestorm Cruiser, they all had a significant complement of marines that were successful in maiming Sol ships in multiple sorties. He wanted something more; a marine combat ship that could be built quickly and cheaply, but withstand Sol long range attacks with the use of heavy armor and shielding. After 7 years of design and construction at the Deruz shipyards, the Overlord Marine Destroyer is now available for service. It is a slow ship that some Genari call the 'Laghposht' which loosely resembles an Earth turtle -- but has enough armor and force field strength to get within 1000km range of its target, with heavily protected engines. Once there, it can unleash a barrage of fission warheads to take the enemy shield down, and unload 8 platoons of marines, capable of decimating crews of frigates and destroyers.

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