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New Ship: The Typhoon Destroyer

The Typhoon Class V Beam Destroyer

As Sol began advancing on critical Genari core worlds, their massive battlestations kept Sol assaults at bay; the Nagara was the breakthrough in withstanding the station's heavy fire by being out of range of the station's heavy lasers. The Nagara however, was too expensive and only a few existed in service; the need for a smaller destroyer-class variant became the driving force behind the development of the Typhoon. Built around two heavy extended-range type-5 plasma beams, its engines were directly integrated with the beam's accelerator coils. Additional superstructure also gave it the stability it needed to support such massive weapons. It was Admiral Kurosawa's concept on a smaller scale; but such a ship is somewhat slower and more fragile than other destroyers, and usually best escorted by repair tenders and ships in the vanguard.

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