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Ship Building Contest II... And the Winners

The Agile Flyer continues to be the choice corvette by most Genari Captains straight out of the academy. Considered extremely versatile with its combination of speed, maneuverability and firepower, all of its variants have been proven to be useful depending on the commander's combat style. Retired Force Commander Maghou Shiro, who currently is the head of the Genari command academy in Ghoda proposed a fifth variant: An Agile Flyer with a fission warhead amongst its laser array. He contemplated that the ship could become far more deadly with a properly trained tactical officer, and this would have the firepower to take out an enemy Sol corvette outright with one volley. The missile weapon system however, does drain a significant amount of power, thus making this ship slightly slower than its other variants.

The winners were Baalrog, Amishjoe, and Blingon's concepts. To make an AFV that will be on even grounds with other Agile Flyers. Baal and Amish now have AFV's in their inventory, and all three players got rewarded 200 credits each.

Agile Flyer TYPE V

Power: 15 Weapons: 1 Forward FW-3 Missile 2 Forward LB-2B Lasers Sensors: 14 hex range Hull: 23 Crew: 92 Weight: 90

Agile Flyer in front of a Great Wing heavy cruiser

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