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Two New Ships Added

Oslo Support Ship

SOL Oslo Combat/Support Hybrid Class IV Frigate The Oslo shows its age considerably in the late 22nd century, as it was very unpopular with commanders fighting at the border, aiming for the far superior Gorshkov and Liverpool frigates. Rear Admiral Musashi decided to refit some of the underused Oslo ships with repair bays, so that they became sturdy support ships for the front line. Unfortunately two of the beams had to be removed for the repair bay, but they were upgraded to the most powerful LB-9 type lasers which could put out significant damage if fully charged. This rare variant of the Oslo is the only combat warship with repair support capabilities.

Predator Frigate

GENARI Predator Missile Ship Class IV Frigate On the surface, this seems to be the same Predator Frigate that the Talagh Matriarchy used as the mainstay of the their fleet. Some were modified however; with the beams removed and replaced with similarly-powered missiles. The power to damage ratio was improved, as well as the shield generator to the second generation variant. With slightly reduced armor, it is not considered superior to the original Predator, but is popular with many captains for its missile loadout.

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