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Unique Ships from PAX

Those of you who came to the SpaceWars booth in any of the PAX events may have picked up special trading cards with ship stats -- on the back were codes to unlock unique starter ships. Here is a little reveal of the two PAX-exclusive Class III Corvettes:

BENGBU TYPE V (Sol Imperial Worlds)

Long Range Beam Corvette

The aging Bengbu was resilient, but found itself outmatched in firepower against the faster, and more battle-hardened Genari corvettes. Commodore Rhodes, who actively oversaw the major movements of the border near Vega found that the Bengbu was not very proactive in offensive movements across the disputed zone; and he had an outspoken admiration for the Genari Agile Flyer. To him, the Bengbu type IV could match the Agile Flyer in speed, but not firepower. Doing something very unorthodox for a Sol design, he stripped the force field from the Bengbu IV to free up mass for a much larger single long range plasma beam. Though more vulnerable on defense, this ship is rapidly becoming the choice for captains who want to fight the Genari on their terms.

STAR WARRIOR IV (Genari United Empire)

Missile Assault Corvette

Though the Sol Imperium has superior beam technology, the Genari's low-end fission warhead arsenal showed time and again that on close range, it could be just as devastating as a plasma beam. The Star Warrior's five-hardpoint array of light weapons made it the ultimate assault corvette; with this variant, they stepped up the missile array, replacing the three forward beams with more fission warhead launchers. Young Genari captains have developed a particular fondness for this ship, and have nicknamed it the 'little starburst' for its explosive array. The ship has unique yellow markings that distinguish it from the other Star Warrior variants.

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