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The SpaceWars Booth: PAX West

PAX West, held in Seattle, will be held from September 2-5th. There, Spacewars will be having its own booth to show the Alpha build of the game. It will be divided into three subsections:

- Battle Royale: 5 computer stations where players will be fighting each other with a selection of Frigate-class ships from Sol and Genari

- Skirmish & Gameplay demos: On the opposite side, 5 more computer stations where players can engage against the AI, as well as see the shipyard, RPG, and galaxy elements.

- Bugatti Photo OP: The 'other spaceship' the SpaceWars Bugatti Veyron will be present at the booth, for players to see and take photos with.

The concept art to the right a rudimentary version of what the booth will look like.

SpaceWars Booth at PAX

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