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Ma'Alaketh Legacy Awards

Now that the Ma'Alaketh race is fully playable, players can get legacy medals and rewards that add to their usable credits for upcoming servers. Here are the four types of legacy medals that can be achieved:

Ma'Alaketh Medals Case

Legendary Captain

Given to players who have achieved a high captains' ranking by the end of the server. Bronze (200 credit reward): Achieved Virtuous Advisor Rank Silver (400 credit reward): Achieved Luminous Advisor Rank Gold (600 credit reward): Achieved Grand Advisor Rank Platinum (1000 credit reward): Achieved Prelate Rank - the highest level of Leadership

Maal Strategist

Based on the number of regions/sectors the player has captured. Those who really participate in the advance of the Ma'Alaketh zone of control get rewarded well. Distinguished (200 credit reward): 80-119 Regions Captured. Renowned (400 credit reward): 120-159 Regions Captured. Heroic (600 credit reward): 160-199 Regions Captured. Legendary (1000 credit reward): Over 200 Regions Captured.

Maal Tactician

Destroying enough of other live players' ships gives you the tactician legacy award. Distinguished (200 credit reward): 100-199 enemy ship kills. Renowned (400 credit reward): 200-349 enemy ship kills. Heroic (600 credit reward): 350-499 enemy ship kills. Legendary (1000 credit reward): 500+ enemy ship kills.

Ma'Alaketh Sovereignty

Win the server as a member of the Ma'Alaketh Faction. (500 credit reward)

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