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The New Dreadnoughts

New Dreadnoughts for Sol and Genari to counter the Ma'Alaketh Sovereign. As the war escalates, a new version of the Genari Leviathan is being developed. It is also rumored that the Sirius shipyard is conceptualizing a new Colossus as a counter to the Ma'Alaketh awakening...

Colossus Type II Dreadnought

After the sudden and unexpected incursion of the once-passive Ma'Alaketh, the Sol Imperium's dreadnought was no longer the most powerful warship on the battlefield. The new enemy had become a real threat, and their long range particle beams laid waste to even the most battle-hardened Sol capital ships. After 15 years in production, the Colossus needed an upgrade. Special Operations, led by Admiral Kurosawa proposed a modified Colossus that harbored the same weapons as the Nagara, and a force field upgrade carried over from the Yamato Battleship. So a joint operation at the Sirius shipyard produced the first type II variant of this dreadnought that could attempt to match the beam range and force field strength of comparable Ma'Alaketh ships. Two weapon hardpoints were lost, as well as some superstructure overall, but its defensive shields were now the best the Sol Imperium had in its arsenal. Although the ship was successful in countering a Sovereign class Battleship, it still may not fare well enough against Ma'Alaketh's ultimate weapon: the Grand Sovereign Dreadnought.

Leviathan Type II Dreadnought

Nearly two decades into the Leviathan's first foray against the Sol Imperium, this lumbering monster of a ship found its best use against Sol battlestations, destroying them with close range weaponry and armor that could take the punishment and survive. But with the Ma'Alaketh awakening, the Genari Empire found itself against even more advanced technology than their mortal enemy, the Sol Imperium. Matriarch Zeranghi's frustration with the lack of technological breakthroughs forced her to compromise with what she was given; and if the most powerful ship in the Genari fleet was going to remain a close combat brawler, make it even more of one. Removing all forward laser hardpoints and replacing them with fission warheads, the dreadnought now had even more firepower. It also has nearly 20% more armor to take on the punishment it would expect before getting close to its target. All this however forced a downgrade of the powerplant making it even less maneuverable; but at least the fission warheads' power requirements were significantly lower than the lasers they replaced. Though dreadnoughts like the Colossus or the Grand Sovereign are technically stronger, if this ship manages to get close enough, the firepower can decimate through their shields with a massive warhead barrage.

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