June 30, 2019

All 40 Ma'Alaketh ships have had their ship models updated, with new textures and designs.
In preparation for the launch of the Ma'Alaketh race for full public access, all 3D models of the ships are complete. The Do'Oran Server will be upcoming after the Europa server is completed.

June 24, 2019

Sol and Genari worked together to defend a border region from the Hive Queen, and Ma'Alaketh's top player also came in to help when things got tough. The Hive Entity, Behemoth and Chrysalis were destroyed, but the Queen survived; once the Maalaketh Dreadnought was destroyed, things went...

June 18, 2019

 The Hive Queen will attack on Saturday June 22nd.

As work is being done behind the scenes for Hive development, we are going to have a special event on Saturday June 22nd, peak playing hours of 1pm EST (5pm GMT).

The Hive Queen will approach a region bordering Sol and Genari space, by...

Hive Rank Labels now added
Hive 'Captain Ranks'
-Level 1 - Protonymph
-Level 2 - Nymph
-Level 3 - Developing Pupa
-Level 4 - Pupa
-Level 5 - Mature Pupa
-Level 6 - Hive Fledgling
-Level 7 - Hive Mind
-Level 8 - Greater Hive Mind
-Level 9 - Supreme Hive Mind
Remaining Hive Class VII thro...

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January 2, 2020

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