August 18, 2018

Oslo Combat/Support Hybrid 
Class IV Frigate
The Oslo shows its age considerably in the late 22nd century, as it was very unpopular with commanders fighting at the border, aiming for the far superior Gorshkov and Liverpool frigates. Rear Admiral Musashi decided to refit some of the...

August 11, 2018

The last defense lines have been breached, and the first planet of Logha has been attacked by a large fleet of Sol ships.  Even with mounting Genari defenses producing a last ditch effort to defend their home, Sol keeps advancing.

A fleet of Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, and a Dreadnought, a...

August 3, 2018

After a massive assault by some of the top Sol players, they've managed to break through the secondary home defense line of hardened battlestations, exposing the core worlds to attacks.   After Bacheh, Muchin, and Deruz were conquered (major star systems) the Sol Imperium is eyeing the...

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